Kris McKee | In bloom

In this episode, we talk to Kris McKee to find out how she moved into floristry to fulfil her creative dreams, after starting her career in nursing. Kris now runs her own floral design business in Sydney.

Anna-Liza Mopio-Jane | Life after sport

In this episode, we talk to Anna-Liza Mopio-Jane to find out how she made the leap to the mental health field, after retiring from her first career as an elite swimmer. Anna-Liza is an accredited counsellor, speaker and Olympian.

Melissa Di Marco | Tea master

In this episode, we talk to Melissa Di Marco to find out how she built an inspiring business in the fascinating world of tea, after starting her career as a hairdresser. Melissa is the founder of award-winning tea brand TeaEsk.

Evie Farrell | Finding freedom

In this episode, we talk to Evie Farrell to find out how she created a life and career of travel with her daughter, after starting out in corporate PR. Evie is the founder of Mumpack Travel and Mumpack Trips.

Claire’s story: How I found myself in music

For Claire Tonti, leaving her first career as a primary school teacher to become a pioneer in the podcasting world was a big leap. Now she’s transitioned into music and songwriting, and has just released her first album. This is her career change story.

Should you work for yourself or someone else?

More women are choosing to work for themselves, but how do you know if it’s right for you? Career changer Jacqui Ooi shares what she’s learned from stepping out on her own, and interviewing many women who've made similar moves on the What She Did Next podcast.