Ally Jade | Full circle

Ally Jade is an artist and youth worker with the Sydney-based non-profit Women's Justice Network, bringing unique insight to her work after spending time in prison herself.

Casey Kirchhoff | Hope returns

Casey Kirchhoff is an ecologist and PhD candidate, as well as the founder of the Environment Recovery Project, a citizen science initiative that was launched after the catastrophic Australian bushfire season.

Sally Hetherington OAM | Ethical travel

Sally Hetherington is the CEO of Human and Hope Australia, a charity that raises funds to support and empower local communities in Cambodia, as well as an author writing about the negative impacts of the 'voluntourism' industry.

Meg Black | Sustainable style

Meg Black is a proud advocate of the slow fashion movement and the founder of Robe & Crown, a beautifully curated collection of high-quality, pre-loved clothing, which is among a growing number of businesses offering fashion lovers an eco-friendly alternative.

Jennifer Wittwer | Gender trailblazer

Jennifer Wittwer is an internationally acclaimed gender expert who began her career in the Royal Australian Navy which lasted nearly four decades, before writing her first book, 'Against the Wind' and starting her own consultancy.

Dr Robyn Miller | Fair share

Dr Robyn Miller is a medical doctor who has spent the past 10 years helping people from all walks of life, in all sorts of places. She's also the founder of The Mental Load Project, a six-week online course helping couples to divide and share the mental load, and achieve true partnership.