Lorna Deng | Breaking barriers

Connecting workplaces with culturally diverse talent

Lorna Deng is a HR professional and co-founder of DivTal, a new social enterprise that aims to break down employment barriers for people from minority backgrounds in Australia.

Lorna is of South Sudanese heritage but has lived in Australia since she was a child, arriving in Adelaide with her family at the age of 10, before later moving to Melbourne. Having faced and overcome barriers to employment herself, Lorna is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion.

With the launch of DivTal, she not only wants to support diverse job seekers to find meaningful work within their fields, but create a movement for change in the recruitment space to ensure the future of work is more inclusive.⁣ 

In this episode, Lorna talks about her childhood as a refugee and her experiences after arriving in Australia, the employment challenges she faced after completing her psychology degree and the highs and lows of her start-up journey with co-founder Bedi Othow.

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