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Lightening the mental load that women too often carry

Dr Robyn Miller is a medical doctor who has spent the past 10 years helping people from all walks of life, in all sorts of places – from rural hospitals in Australia to refugee camps in Africa. She’s also the founder of The Mental Load Project, a six-week online course helping couples to divide and share the mental load, and achieve true partnership.

Now living in Brisbane, Robyn is completing her specialist training in paediatrics. She gets a lot of enjoyment out of working with children, and she and her partner recently welcomed a child of their own. Since becoming a mum, life took an interesting turn for Robyn who found being a working mother brought some unexpected challenges.

Like many women, she experienced the overwhelm of the ‘mental load’ – that exhausting mental work of keeping everything on track in your home life, your family life, your social life and your career, which still seems to fall to women in particular.

When she couldn’t find the support she needed, Robyn decided to draw on her own skills and experience, to develop some strategies for her and her partner to share the mental load in a more equal way… and it worked so well for her, she’s now turned it into an online course to support other women too.

In this episode, Robyn talks about her unusual educational path into medicine, working in Africa as a field doctor with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), what she has learnt about the mental load since having her daughter, and how it can hold women back as well as how it can be overcome.

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